When Darkness Falls

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When Darkness Falls
“The time of the judgment!”
Wednesday, 15 April 2015


In the reading of the below story, two things should be understood; it is a story of fiction and the United States should be looked at from that of the Grand Ole Republic it once was, and the Yankee Socialist Empire it has became.  The Confederate Cause as it exists in the modern context of our time believes that the Yankee Empire will collapse, and that by its own hand.  Therefore the issue of violence from a Confederate perspective is not on the table!

The story, which has been titled When Darkness Falls, opens in the year 2015, howbeit, many will read this story on or after that particular year; in any case, the year 2015 in and of itself is not important to the story.  The events depicted here could take place at any time; nonetheless, in telling this story it is my prayer that the liberation and restoration of the Confederacy, takes place peacefully.  But be that as it may, you are most certainly invited to join with us and travel to that place and time, When Darkness Falls.

The view of our founding fathers is expressed in this statement by Noah Webster, “In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed…No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.”  

Shall the Lord God himself judge a nation, that has been so mightily blessed, yet has turned from the Almighty God of all creation?  When a nation calls good evil land evil good, shall they not face God’s judgment?  “And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”  Joel 2:30-31.

”As our story opens, we are reminded of a verse of scripture, “For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom and against kingdom: and there shall famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places.” {Mathew 24:7}.

By Justin Robison
Only those who have been living in isolation on a remote island somewhere is unaware that the once Grand Ole Republic has degenerated into an Empire, and has lost its moral foundations. Surely the Wrath of an Angry God will, in due course of time, fall upon such a nation, just as it did in ancient times upon the cities of Sodom and Gomorra. These were my inner thoughts as I arose from bed and prepared for the day, it was Wednesday, 15 April 2015, perhaps I’ve been dreaming or else my imagination has run amuck. Nonetheless, I felt certain, judgement was near, even at the door! 

Being the old codger that I am which carries over from my military days and linger on, among these is an early to bed, early to raise! My wife Denise and I would normally have coffee and a small snack well before sunrise, while watching the early morning news, which was first on our list of daily activities. I was usually the first to arrive in a darkened living room and kitchen, knowing all to well, as I did, that it takes a lady far more time to prepare herself for just about any occasion. So I usually took it upon my self to turn on the lights, the television, and start the coffee running through our well worn ‘Mr. Coffee’ dripolator.

I stood before the television, noticing the sound was still turned down low; but I saw on the screen, pictures coming from Washington, they had a split screen with a picture of the Lincoln Memorial site, alongside the same space, now showing the monument was missing. I stood in somewhat of awe for a moment, and then turned up the sound! A ‘Special Report’ was taking place by an on the scene news team from the site of what was once the Lincoln Memorial, which was no more. Over night the entire Monument structure had somehow fallen into what was said to be a recently developed deep sink hole!

I had a need to get up during the night, and last evening it was somewhere around 1:00 A.M. or thereabouts, I had thought at time that I felt some sort of trimmer. But given that our home is approximately a thousand miles from the city of Washington, I hadn’t considered even the possibility, it just hadn’t occurred to me. I mean, how long has it been since an earthquake has truck that particular area of the country, hundreds of years maybe? No doubt, I thought, the coverage would go on for several days, maybe weeks, but as it would turn out later, this was only the beginning of what was to come.

Denise had just entered the room, and after a good morning hug and a kiss, she headed for the kitchen to pour the coffee! She Never found it necessary to ask me what to put in my coffee, she knew all to well; I liked a wee bit of creamer with about half a t-spoon of light brown sugar. Naturally we both liked our coffee strong enough to bite back! As I was taking my seat she set my coffee on the stand near my chair, along with a small nutria-bar snack, and then paused to watch the news. “Justin” she said, “we haven’t taken a trip out of town in years, and we used to live up yonder in Maryland, how about we drive up there?”

Way back when we were both about half our present old age, and still in our youth, we lived in Baltimore, because of my being assigned there in the military, and we had visited Washington on several occasions. I thought for a moment, then turn to Denise and replied, “Yes we can, but I could never drive straight through like I could have done years back!” We finished out the day, since I had a little yard work to do, it being the spring of the year, then the next day, a Thursday we began to make plans. It was decided we’d leave bright and early Friday morning the 17th of April, and stop overnight in North Carolina.

On Saturday evening we stopped overnight again, just south of Arlington Virginia, deciding to cross the Potomac the next morning, figuring it being a Sunday, hopefully the crowd would be much smaller. As we approached the site of where the Lincoln Memorial once stood, we discovered the crowd was smaller, but not by all that much. We found a place to park about the distance of half a block away, and then walked the remainder of the way to the site. Denise gazed at the hole in the ground and we both found ourselves looking at the jagged rubble of what was once the roof of the memorial.

The remainder of the memorial had obviously been buried about three quarters of the way in mud and water! We looked over to our left where we should have been able to see the long reflection pool that was part of the mall park area. The pool was empty, no doubt having drained off into some kind of underground cavern, which would seem to me to be normal in such a case, when a sink hold is formed. Just then a municipal police officer approached us, “It is my duty to warn both of you not to get to close to the hole, more soil might begin to give way at any time.”

We both glanced at the police officer, who had the name ‘Martin’ just above the pocket flap of his uniform shirt, then we looked back at the hole, I ask a question, even though I knew the answer, “Is there any part of the monument might be retrievable?” The officer looked toward the hole in the ground, where the monument once stood,” No I don’t think so, I’ve seen destruction before, being a war veteran from San Francisco, and I can only say, the structure as far as I can tell, is history.” Then Officer Mitchell still gazing at the hole in the ground, “perhaps the two of you haven’t heard?"

Heard what Officer, I replied, “the shaking was heaviest in the Midwest, so much so the faces on Mount Rushmore broke away and fell to the round, broking into pieces. It’s only now coming over the network news, partly because the parks out there were closed, in any case, no one, not even the news folks would have been allowed anywhere near the site. Since day break, which was not long ago out there, I hear that a Fox News helicopter has flown over, and made live coverage!” I could hardly believe what this kind Police Officer was saying, but there was more, “These two events are only part of it, there’s fear the San Andreas in California will quake!”

The East Coast Fault.

Denise and I left Washington in late afternoon of that vary day, heading southward and home, a journey which took us a few days, due to our age. While Denise and I are past the time of being Senior Citizens, and are more properly, Elders, still we are quite fortunate in being relatively healthy and active, as much as is possible, howbeit at a slower pace. Somehow neither of us wanted to listen to the news on the way home, or watch the news on television while staying overnight in motels. Still we had an opportunity to stop on occasion, at several restraints, as we traveled home.

One such time was the morning of the third day, a Wednesday, 22 April 2015, and home was only 90 miles away, but we decided to stop for a late morning breakfast at a Pancake House, and found an open discussion taking place relating to current events. A man stood at a booth next to ours, speaking to a middle age couple who were seated there. He, seeing that the two of us were showing some interest in what he had to say, the man turned in our direction, “Have y’all heard?” The lady seated nearby, turn about and looked at Denise seated just behind here, and spoke in a low tone of voice, not wanting to override the man standing.

“There’s been more trimmers in Washington, Congress and the President have evacuated to who knows where!” the woman said! While trimmers in the Deep South were minimal, still there was somewhat of a chance that all of the lower 48 States would feel the shaking to some degree. The man standing nearby walked over to our booth, introduced himself as Jim Jamison! Jim was obviously deeply concerned, and told us he had a Son-in-Law, Daughter and Grandchild, living north of Washington in Maryland, and he feared they could be in serious trouble if an earthquake takes place.

Jim stood aside as the waitress took our order and then departed! Afterward he stepped forward again, and as I looked up at him I said, “Jim I sure your family will be alright, but if you feel there in danger, perhaps it would be wise to invite them to come down to your house.” Denise and I had been to this same Pancake House many times over the years, and noticed they always had a TV. mounted on the wall, but I’d never seen it turned on, that is until now. The Manager, a man named Tony Burk, walked over and picked up a clicker from a nearby shelf built into the wall, turned on the televion and clicked on Fox News.

The waitress delivered our meals while we were busy gazing at the TV. screen! “If there’s anything else, she said, just let me know!” She then smiled and walked toward the back and into the kitchen area, likely to deliver meals to someone else. Denise and I finished our meal as well as a most interesting discussion, with the couple in the booth next to us as well as Jim Jamison. Jim had since returned to his own table, no doubt his wife wondering what had taken him so long! We arrived home and settled in for the remainder of the day and turned in earlier then normal, inasmuch as the journey had worn us down.

We set aside watching any news the next morning, wanting to kind of digest what had happened! Just as well, since we a got a call from our long time Italian friends, Donald and his wife Gabriella Manteno, and collectively it was decided they’d come over to our house. The two of them, like us, were Elder Citizens as well as being retired! The Manteno’s arrived around 1:15 P.M., Donald and I settled down in the Living Room for a little discussion, while the to ladies headed for the kitchen. The ladies, at their age, had long since become proficient at preparing great meals, and doing so in the easiest possible fashion.

We turned on the news, there was a report by a seismologist who displayed several graphs and charts, and all showing sound scans of the earth from Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and northward, including the entire northeastern region. It was feared the shaking would set off the Ramapo Fault, which runs through Pennsylvania to New Jersey. However, while we were watching the television studio began to shake, which became obvious by the images we were seeing, and it wasn’t the result of a faulty television. Donald and I glanced in each other’s direction; personally I was thinking, was God trying to say something?.

As it turned out there was trimmers throughout the South, but given their origins, believed to be the Ramapo as well as the upper East Coast Fault Lines, where the shaking was centered, the northeastern sector bore the brunt. Whereas only minimal damage throughout the Southern States was experienced, when compared to the northeast! Due to the emergency a Southern Governors Conference was called, believing the federals would be to over stretch to render much assistance to the South. As it turned out, the thirteen Southern States stood together more firmly then they had since ‘The War!

The Emergency Declaration.

On Friday, 24 May the President called a national emergency, but just as earlier believed by the Southern Governors, in a speech the President indicated, he had ordered all available resources to be focused, based upon a priority system. It became obvious, that given his socialistic programs; he would use precious resources, not for ‘we the people’, but rather as insurance, that the federals would retain a tight grip on power. So the people’s needs were not his focus, but quite simply, retaining power! The President gave a beautiful speech, but as it turned out, his mouth and his actions were in opposite different directions.

The Southern Governors decided there own States also have needs, and among them was to maintain law and order, as work crews set about restoring some semblance of normality, and that meant electoral power, water and sewerage. In the meantime food and fresh drinking water must be made available wherever needed! All this meant precious hours would pass before the devastated areas would see any help coming their way! So the Chairman of the Southern Governors Conference was asked to step in and assume the posture, if not the title of a President, whereby a unity of purpose might be achieved.

The Chairman immediate assigned a thirteen member Board, which consisted of one representative from each of the thirteen Southern States, who were to serve as a kind of make shift Presidential Cabinet of sorts, minus any federal titles of course. In this way a sharp eye could be kept on events taking place throughout the South. Problems were to be communicated by the Governors to their own representative, who would then inform the Chairman, and a strategy would be launch. In the north and west however, things were not going so smoothly, if one could call anything about this emergency smooth.

The vibrations had set off the San Gregorio Fault off the California Coast, near unto the Gulf of Santa Cruse and Monterey, the quake registered 7.1, and it proved devastating, when considered alongside earlier trembling, which had been felt nationwide. The State National Guards commanders were called to active duty! However, the Chairman, knowing the South could ill afford to have them federalized, called on their thirteen member ‘Governors Conference Board’ to come up with a plan of action. Their decision was to take action behind the scenes, so as to squash any attempt at federalization!

Several States, which had highly experienced, Senior Lieutenant Generals, offered their services, so as to form a kind of General Staff, which would then answer directly to the Governors Conference Chairman. There were three chosen, representing the National Guard Army, Air Force and Marines! However, it was decided that Admirals were not necessary for the moment, however; one representing the Navy, and another the Coast Guard was placed on standby. This allowed the Southern States to act in self-defense against any unknown factor, during these trying times, and do so from a position of strength.
The Chairman’s authority was soon to be tested, when Sunday 10 May the President finding his federals stretched almost to the breaking point, called for the Southern National Guard Commands to be federalized. Knowing they had all been activated earlier, and ordered to the areas of the most urgent need, the new Commander of the Southern Governors General Staff, in conference with the Chairman, responded in the negative, that he was unable to comply due to extreme emergencies throughout the Southland.
The President was furious, however, even he knew that were he could find a reliable Federal Marshal, he lacked sufficient resources and power to enforce his order. The federal bureaucracy was crumbling before the President’s eyes, as a vast number of Federal Offices of every department were being evacuated, due to structural emergencies. Nonetheless, it was no secret, these federal workers had a choice, remain loyal to an impotent federal structure, or else walk out, and help their state survive. Given so many evacuated federal buildings, with few Police or National Guard to protect them, conditions went from bad to worse.

Meanwhile the Governors Conference Representatives, headed by Chairman Edward Winston, along with their newly appointed General Staff, commanded by Lieutenant General Marshall Walker set up a headquarters in Montgomery Alabama. At which time a gentleman local to Montgomery was appointed as Vice Chairman! At their first meeting in Montgomery, the Chairman called a meeting, which was attended by the Vice Chairman, all 13 members Conference Board, as well as the entire General Staff. After taking care of the critical business at hand, further discussions were held as to their ultimate purpose!

Chairman Winston seated at the center of an oblong table began to take questions; the Honorable Representative of South Carolina Henry Perry stood to speak. “Mr. Chairman, as the representative of South Carolina, to what end are we so organized? Are we supplanting the United States Government, are we seceding once more or just what may I ask is our ultimate purpose, beyond the immediate crisis?” The Gentleman from South Carolina sat back down, and the Chairman stood again to his feet, “Gentlemen, we are here for the purpose of assuring survival of these Southern States, no more and no less.”

Just then a messenger entered the room and handed a piece of paper, presumably a message to Lieutenant General Walker, who read it and handed it to the still standing Chairman Winston, positioned to his left. The Chairman paused from his speaking as he read the message, “Gentlemen, we have an issue here which points directly to our purpose for so organizing, the Mayor of Memphis, our city has suddenly been plagued with riotous conditions, violations against our merchants as well as homes and churches. Normal police efforts have failed, if we use excessive force, the courts will intervene, and can you help?”

The Vice Chairman John Whitfield, a former Mayor himself, arose! “Mr. Chairman, I propose an order across our 13 States, a single warning, afterward deadly force shall be used to end the lawlessness. The Vice Chairman then return to his seat, and George Gordon of Virginia, spoke out to second the motion. Chairman Winston then stood again to his feet and called for a vote, upon which each member present, called out in the affirmative. Chairman Winston looked about the table, and then commented, “We do this with great remorse, but we cannot allow lawless destruction on top of that caused by natural disaster.”.
Law and Order Breakdown
It was Wednesday 3 June, the Chairman, his governing Board along with his General Staff met under clear blue skies! If it hadn’t been for the emergency conditions, one would rightfully say it was a very nice day. However, given the conditions throughout all of the lower 48 States, this date of 3 June being the birth date of Jefferson Davis, brought an with it an entirely new meaning. Many throughout the South, particularly those in the political arena, where considering afresh, just how much President Davis had sacrificed for the Confederate Cause, which was the cause of Confederate Independence.

Our first and thus far, our only President, was born 3 June 1808, and died on 6 June 1889, and in past years precious few had ever thought all that much of what it meant. However, there were those of considerable influence throughout the South that were now considering quite seriously the implications! The topic came up during the Governors Conference Board Meeting that same afternoon. Henry Perry walked down the hall along side Chairman Edward Winston, as they headed toward the Conference Room. “Ed, be honest with me, are we fixing to resurrect the Confederacy?”

Mr. Winston turned and glanced at his old friend and Board Member, Henry Perry! “Henry, it is true that cities throughout the north and west are in turmoil, Flash Mobs and rioters are setting fires and burning just about everything in sight.” Mr. Perry looked back at Perry having deep thoughts and a heap of questions on his mind, “Ed, but that sort of thing has not been so prevalent here in the South.” “Come now Henry”, responded Ed Winston, “you know the reason for that being the case, we brought down the hammer early on, and besides, there still exists some measure of morality in the South, in large part due to our faith in Christ.

The two men stopped at the door of the Conference room, as Chairman Winston looked directly at his friend and Board Member from South Carolina! “Henry, we have our own problems here in the South, the damage inflicted in Memphis and Birmingham, as well as the deaths of several dozen participants of flash mobs, attests to that fact. Plus we had a measure of damage caused by the earthquakes and trimmers themselves, which occurred before and after. But in all truth, whether or not the Confederacy is restored as a result, is for the future to determine; just perhaps the Grace of our Lord will shine upon us.”

The Governors Conference Board was going back into secession for the umpteenth time, the President and what remained of his diminished Cabinet returned to Washington. A number of the Federal Buildings were damaged, but at the vary least the Whitehouse and Capital Building, while damaged, the damage was not so severe as to render them unusable. The President paced back and forth in the Whitehouse Conference Room, his rhetoric was almost in auditable, until a personal aide, who held no official office, a man named Walter Bryan spoke up, in an attempt to make sense of what was happening.
Mr. President, allow me, if you will to be blunt, you’ve surrounded yourself with nothing but yes men, none of which would tell you what needed to be done, the result being that the nation has been plunged into chaos, well before any of this happened. Few Presidents are completely prepared to take on the duties of this office, but you even more so. You’ve been so busy giving orders, via one type of Presidential directive or the other that you haven’t been able to mature as a Leader and President. And this tragedy has suddenly come upon us, and you haven’t the faintest idea what to do!”

The President paused, an almost stunned look on his face, “Walt, there was a day, and no so long ago, I would have had you run out of town for such remarks. But be that as it may, it is no doubt obvious to those Southern Governors, even now meeting in Montgomery that the only States, which have been exempt from the worst of these natural disasters, riots and Flash Mobs is the Southern States. And I am sure you noticed that they have openly defied their President, even to the point of refusing the transfer of their National Guard Units, to my command.”

Davis headed toward the door as he made what would be his final comments on the matter! “Mr. President, all I can say is that even if you found a Marshall to deliver even more orders, there absolutely no one down south that will support him, he’d be standing alone against the power of thirteen sovereign States. The Federal Offices are all close, most of which have been ransacked, even the Internal Revenue and Social Security Offices have been vacated, and most of them have been burned like the inside of an industrial oven.

Your only card remaining is the active military commands in the South, using them would cause a permanent rift in the Armed Forces of this country. Unless you are willing to go down the same road as did Abraham Lincoln, I’d consider peaceful overtures toward our Southern Brethren.” The President once more began his pacing, glancing about the table as one by one, they all added their own comments, none of which seemed to hold any answers. Walter paused as he stood at the door, the door half ajar, while looking back he continued to speak his mind!

“Mr. President, our northern and western cities are up in flames, there are food riots, and I am beginning to believe the Wrath of an Angry God is upon us. We have opposed the morals taught us by the Christian faith, and have removed the Almighty God, Christ Jesus his Son, the Holy Scripture and Prayer from both our public and private lives. Perhaps we aught to refresh ourselves as to a quote by our First President, “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible.” As he passed though the door, he did so with a most serious look on his face, “we would be wise to humble ourselves before the Lord our God."

God save the Confederacy



Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure...are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments." … Charles Carroll - signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Outside of the Christian faith, we the people are at the mercy of those who lust for total political power over us!
While God is loving and forgiving of those who truly repent with a contrite heart, he is also justice, judgment and wrath, “And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.”  Revelations 6:12-13

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