Visitors from Beyond

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             Visitors from Beyond
                                   General George McClellan’s Vision
                                             Reedited on 4 March 2009

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Visitors from Beyond
George Washington's Vision
George B. McClellan's Vision
The Prophet Jeremiah

Doeth the Holy Scriptures not say; “And it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment:” {Hebrews 9:27}, there is no time in between whereby the spirits of the dead may roam the earth, giving advise unto Union Generals. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” {II Corinthians 11:14}.  We deal here with a subject, which is pertinent to our times; “When is a vision or spiritual dream, of God, of the Devil or merely a natural occurrence?"

When does mankind discern the 'One True God' from the god of their imagination, and how often do they know the difference?  Are there those so naïve they cannot conceive of an evil spirit bearing the likeness of a lady before Colonial General George Washington or appear as George Washington to ‘Civil War’ Union General George B. McClellan?  It is doubtful that either Washington or McClellan could have known the difference, given the vision presented to them, in the context of their own time.

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 Jeremiah', speaking on the queen of heaven!" 


What was it that connected General George Washington of the Revolutionary War to Union General George B. McClellan of the 'Civil War'?  Log onboard the below hyper linked articles and read; it will help you understand the story, which will unfold further down on this page.



Wednesday 18 February 2009

”I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed.  How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? Yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart: which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams, which they tell every man to their neighbour, as their father have forgotten my name for Baal.” {Jeremiah 23:25-26}.  Can anyone doubt, that just as there are dreams inspired of the Lord God, there are also those, which are inspired of Satan?

It was Wednesday, and not unlike so many other Wednesday’s I can remember, but on this occasion my spirit was heavy, after reading of so many of our people having been fooled by the Prince of Darkness, which is that old adversary the Devil.  I had written many fictional stories, based around the concept of time travel, but this time there was an enormous difference.  There was a need to somehow convince fellow Confederates, friends and allies, that while God rules over the ultimate course of history, sometimes the Spirits of Darkness, manages to fool or trick certain individuals into carrying out his diabolical plans.

I had never pictured myself as an exorcist of evil spirits, nor one who confronts evil through some scripted method, made for Hollywood, but my mind kept going back to an old historic tale of how General George McClellan altered the course of history, by changing his own battlefield strategy and winning a decisive Union victory.  All the available evidence seems to indicate that the story is true, General McClellan obviously had a visitor, based upon an article appearing in the Portland Maine Evening Courier on 8 March 1862.

My own mindset has no doubt been shared by a sizeable number of men, who humbly go about their daily lives trying to make a living for their family, that’s the way it was on a Halloween evening 1973, when I was 32 years of age.  It was my feeling not to celebrate the holiday, however so many children were expected to knock on our door, that I had to make plans.

My wife and I decided to wrap candy in small packets and include a child’s cartoon version of a Christian Tract, a cartoon type testimonial in the form of a mini-story, which is still published today as tiny little booklets.  The evening passed until fewer and fewer children came to the door, when suddenly a knock was heard; so we answered the door only to find the father of one of the children storming into our living room.  He had enormous hatred in is eyes and given his size, he could have taken me down with little effort!

He towered over me, protesting strongly my having given his daughter the Christian Tract, which she had shown him!  My mind sought to reach out for our Lord and Savior, that he might help me through this situation; under other conditions, this man had proven likeable and even friendly.  However the rage in this man standing in my living room was increasing, he could no doubt break out in extreme violence at any moment!

Then suddenly the realization came to me, it wasn’t this normally congenial person, whom I was dealing with, but rather Satan himself.  It was as if a spirit had come over me and before I even realized what was taking place, I found myself addressing the Devil in person.  I spoke directly to him and not to the man, “Satan I said, it is enough, depart and go your way!”   The man immediately calmed down and reacted as if nothing unusual had taken place, turned and left my house in peace.

The following day the two of us passed each other along the way, and he was once again his normal friendly and mellow self; I thought to myself, I actually did have a confrontation with Satan, and it made me shudder a little, within myself.  But what I was thinking was frightening, I was contemplating a direct face off with Lucifer himself.  Was I being stupid, maybe foolish, and was there another way, short of attempting something so drastic?

                      Appointment in Washington
                                                                      {hyperlink attached below}
                                   George B. McClellan 

”Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceedingly high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.” {Matthew4: 8-9}.  If the devil would appear unto Jesus Christ and offer him the kingdoms of the world, does anyone truly believe he would not also appear unto George Washington and George B. McClellan and offer them what would eventually become a Yankee Empire?

It soon became obvious that I needed to be alone and get serious with God, humble but at the same time with no holding back!  Like unto Moses before the burning bush, I had to ask God for that, which few if any man had ever requested.  There is a wooded area behind our home, down a small two lane residential road, about the distance of three city blocks.  It was Sunday morning, and there was a slight chill in the air, but the early morning sun was making it more endurable.

I excused myself and told my wife it was important that I do this, and headed out the door toward my wooded version of a prayer closet, there was a rendezvous to keep, and I meant to be on time.  There was a small clearing in the middle, the trees, shrubs and undergrowth thick enough, so as to block any outside view of the site; the distance into the woods was not far, but sufficient so that one would not likely be disturbed by passing noises.

I walked back and forth praying diligently out loud, feeling completely inadequate; who am I to ask such a thing of our Lord and Savior?  Maybe I should close this prayer and return home, a cup of hot coffee would suit me very nicely this time of the morning, just about then I was startled, feeling as if someone nearby had heard; my prayers would have sounded like mumbling to them.  It was then that I saw what was obviously a Heavenly Being; could it be that I am standing face to face with an Angel of the Lord?

Behind the Heavenly Being there appeared to be a thick cloudbank, but with a difference; the particles of air, which made up the cloud reminded me of fine medal flakes, which glistened and sparkled in the morning sun.  Are you an Angel I ask, my voice obviously quivering?  I am an Angel of the Most High, be not afraid, God has favored your prayer, come with me.  The Angel reached out and waved in a certain gesture that I knew he meant for me to follow.

Even though I was a little fearful, I followed the Angel through the cloudbank, and in a very short while I found myself in a place that was obviously the hallway of a hotel, which looked like it was of another era.  Based upon the passers by, either there was a masquerade party going on somewhere, or my prayer had been answered.  It took me a while to adjust to my new surroundings, but after coming to myself I found that I was wearing cloths, typical of the ‘Civil War’ period.

I just had to know for a certainty where I was, and the only way was to go down stairs to the lobby and even outside if necessary; so after a little searching, the stairwell was located and shortly I found myself standing in the middle of January 1862.  One more piece of evidence was necessary before I confronted my adversary, as I walked out through the front doors of the hotel, I found nothing but dirt roads, carriages, and no sigh of the 20th or 21st centuries.

I smiled at the notion, then reminded myself that I was in the middle of the Yankee Capital, while my own fellow countrymen, the Armies of the Confederacy was just across the Potomac.  The Angel of the Lord had instructed me that I could not change the past, only complete my mission as described in my prayer, then I’d be returned to my own time.  I had no idea how or when that was going to happen, but since it was in the hands of the Lord God, I gave it little more then a passing thought.


The Power of Darkness

After a short walk in the direction of the Whitehouse, just a little ways down the road, I returned back to the hotel, inquiring as to which was General George McClellan's room; I also wanted to purchase a newspaper but discovered I had no money.  I did manage to be in possession of a dollar bill printed in 2007, which the Angel no doubt, placed in my suit as a reminder, that this was all temporary.  I then returned to the hallway where I first appeared and looked about me, the room had been only a few feet away.

I approached the room, the door was ajar approximately a inch, so I knew it was not locked, not hearing any sound inside, I very purposefully pushed the door open using extreme caution, not knowing what I would find behind that door.  But as I had hoped, my eyes saw the general, seated at a medium size table, his arms folded and his head lying down.  Obviously the table was being used as a desk; the general appeared in an almost catatonic state, deeper then a normal sleep, but not quite in a coma.

Directly in front of the table and to my left across the far side of the room was the form of a man, appearing almost as if standing in a cloud or in a mist, barely distinguishable as a human form.  The normal eye would have perceived, the image that I saw as that of General George Washington, but I knew better; this was someone or something else entirely.  My mission was to uncover the identity of this man, who came impersonating our Colonial Forefather, the honorable George Washington.

I approached the General’s table, naturally being unnoticed by the almost comatose general, everything was precisely as the news article had indicated.  I turned to the image of George Washington and staring directly into his eyes, I asked, tell me spirit, who are you?  “Why George Washington of course,” replied the Spirit?  George Washington did not travel across eternity, so as to give aid and comfort to a tyrant and a despot, now will you reveal your identity?

”Who do you think I am, O Man of the 21st century, that you should come in the name of the Lord?  Have you traveled so far without knowing the answer to your question, and do you really believe I shall yield, like a man under cross-examination?”  I knew at that moment I dare not flinch, so I look directly into his eyes again saying, thou art Beelzebub and Lucifer, the rider on the first White Horse of the Revelation, who went forth conquering and to conquer.

You are he who impersonates Jesus Christ the Messiah, and are also the spirit of the Beast of the Tribulation, who has not yet been revealed in his personage.  The visitor questioned: “Have you come to change history, times and seasons, O Man who comes from the 21st century?”  Looking directly at him, I responded: History must remain as it is; I have rather come, to inform and inspire our people, for the sake of future generations.

As I paused and looked at the spirit I knew to be none other then Satan, Beelzebub and Lucifer, then in a tone, almost a surprise to myself, I commanded; show thyself O fowl spirit, reveal your true identity.  Why do you hide behind the image of an honorable man?  In the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, I command you!  Somehow I had for the purpose this confrontation, been enshrouded by the Holy Ghost, in a special kind of way!

I had not appreciated what I had done until much later, but I was confronting Lucifer himself, and doing so with power!  You have been commanded O Lucifer, show thyself?  I stared directly into the eyes of this false image of George Washington, until he began to slowly change in appearance.  At first he appeared like unto two images, which were overlaid, whereby both images were double exposed upon each other.  I could see the image of George Washington, but another fowl image was beginning to appear!

Finally in a moment the image of George Washington was gone, and what stood before me was something out of a horrible nightmare.  His features reflected the evil spoken of him, sharp, ugly, cruel and vile, he reminded me of a cross between a serpent and a deformed lizard, deformed and exaggerated a 1000 times over.  I looking into his eyes, which were like peering through a lens into hell itself, and his voice now shifted from one like unto a man such as Washington, to that of pure evil personified.

He began to speak to me in a different tone then before, knowing I had uncovered his disguise!  “O Man of the 21st century, do you know who you are dealing with, I could destroy you here and now.”  Not so Satan, for I come not in mine own name, but in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Just as you attempted to destroy salvation at Calvary and failed, in like manner you shall fail in this endeavor, for by the Divine Providence of Almighty God, the Confederacy shall be reborn as a God fearing nation.

A Confederate victory has only been delayed, it has not been denied and the Republic shall be reborn also, in like manner as the Confederacy itself, both as brother nations standing side by side.  I have come to reveal to our children and their children’s children yet unborn, that “… Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light…” {II Corinthians 11:14}, therefore they must test the spirits, whether or not they be of God.  Go thy way O fowl spirit, for the damage you do here, shall be recompensed at a yet future date!

While all this was taking place I could hear the demons of Satan shrieking, making undistinguishable noises in protest, as if expecting their master the Devil to overwhelm this lowly man from the future.  Lucifer then made one more appeal, this time in the form of a question: “What makes you so special, that you should cross time itself to command me?  What makes your Christian Religion so much better the all others upon the earth?  I replied to him: the empty tomb!

The spirit before me as if in a departing comment stated: “I shall appear again in the form of a man, when my time has full come!”  He began to fade away and as he did, I replied, more to myself then to Satan, which had been standing before me,” indeed you shall, as the Beast of the Tribulation.”  My attention was drawn to the appearance of the same Angel, which had appeared to me earlier: “Son of the Confederacy, come with me, you have another appointment to keep, you must confront yet another spirit!” 

                         Journey to Valley Forge
                                                                    {hyperlinks attached below}

George Washington

The same cloud appeared behind the Angel as before, but rather then opening the room door and making an exit, I was directed to follow the Angel through that same glittering cloud, as I had also done in coming here.  I already learned by my previous experience that despite Satan being depicted in a human like form, he had no such form, and I would be able to use this knowledge at the next confrontation with him.  And though he often took on any number of appearances for the sake of temptation, it was always Satan himself.

When we came out of the cloud we were in the middle of winter, a heavy snow upon the ground, trees bare and a cold sharp wind blowing; I found myself dressed appropriately but wearing nothing that would keep out the chill that was in the air.  The Angel did not tell me in advance where she was taking me, but after looking about, even with my limited knowledge of history, it was sufficient to identify this, as Valley Forge.  However, there was a difference this time, inasmuch as the Angel did not immediately disappear as she had done before!

Even without a calendar I knew instinctively we had landed in the middle of the Revolutionary War, this was 1777 and I was in the midst of the encampment of George Washington’s meager and destitute army.  The Angel spoke to me saying; “Son of the Confederacy, walk through the camp and see for yourself, those things which your history books cannot describe.”  The soldiers here do not see or hear you, only the spirit you came to confront as well as I myself will be aware of your presence.

It was different seeing these grounds as they were then, rather then as a Memorial Park; there were small make shift cabins, and everything in short supply, including food and clothing.  Soldiers were moving about, some with little more then rags to wrap their feet, while others looked as if they hadn’t had a meal a long while.  The Angel spoke to me again saying; “Son of the Confederacy, The values and freedoms these men fought and died for, are the same as those of your Forefathers of the Confederate States of America.

The mantle of freedom and limited, self-government now runs through the Confederacy, rather then those who occupy your nation.  It is for your generation to make a stand by becoming an instrument in the hands of the Almighty God, that He might vindicate the Confederate Cause.”  I could have reached out and touched these Revolutionary Soldiers, who had born such harsh conditions, but it would have felt to them as no more then the passing wind, since they could not see me.

I knew the modern Yankee Empire had betrayed the very principles for which the Revolutionary War was fought, and for which so many of these pitiful soldiers died.  And I also knew that if their enormous sacrifice were to be vindicated in the real world, it would be through a Confederate victory, waged on a totally different kind of battlefield.  I also knew that ours was more then anything a case of spiritual warfare, but nonetheless, the struggle would be just as harsh in its own way!

Finally the time came and the Angel turned to me saying; “It is time to confront ‘the queen of heaven’ that false god, which is none other then a demonic spirit, the same that troubled Jeremiah and his generation.  Come with me O Son of the Confederacy!”  As I followed the Angel of the Lord, a quick thought entered my mind, that no doubt I would more fully appreciate those things relating to the Almighty God in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and Prayer, having made this most unusual journey.

                                 the queen of heaven

We had walked some distance across the Valley Force Encampment, but the Angel made a short trip of it upon our return, having us appear inside General Washington’s Headquarters.  It was a strange sensation, as if time had been suspended and our presence in any one place, was wherever this messenger of the Lord would have us appear, knowing we were on a scheduled mission from on High.  Again just as it had happened earlier, the Angel disappeared, leaving me alone before the Honorable George Washington!

Like as in the case of General McClellan, General Washington was seated at a table and I was astonished to be in his presence, for a moment I gasp at the thought that I was actually here.  Somehow the Angel had put me in this place, just as the confrontation was beginning, between the lady Washington referred to as a ‘singularly beautiful female’ and the General himself.  I was privy to the entire exchange between them, including the visions whereby Washington was shown three future disasters for the Republic.

Somehow, and I could never figure it all out, but the female in question, that I knew as the queen of heaven, which is in actuality a false god and a demon spirit, could not see me.  Nonetheless by some divinely imparted piece of knowledge, it was known to me, that at the right moment, she would be made unmistakably aware of my presence.  I listened patiently and witnessed every word she said, as well as Washington’s response.

Finally the moment came and the visions faded, but somehow once again it was as if time had been suspended as the ‘female’, which had been speaking to Washington, became aware of my presence.  I decided that in this case I would speak first; why is it O demon spirit that you have failed to reveal the truth to General Washington?  The truth that a Republic by definition is a Union of Sovereign States, having been transformed by the second crisis you depicted, into a Consolidation of Socialist States, an empire.

”How is it that you call me a demon spirit, when you do not know me,” stated the demon spirit?  I looked directly at her; while replying to this demon, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh.  This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”  You have not made any such confession as to Jesus Christ; therefore you are an antichrist, a demon!  You are that antichrist that should come into the world, according the Holy Scriptures!

”Who are you that you would come so far to trouble me and question my revelations before General Washington?”  I am he who comes in the name of Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel, the Almighty God and the great I AM.  As I stand here now, I am an ambassador of the Almighty God; in Christ Jesus!  You know me O demon spirit or at least you know me by the Holy Spirit that dwells within!  “I know more then you think, replied the demon, you are he who comes from the 21st century!

You follow the Carpenter of Nazareth!  Yes indeed O man of the 21 century, I was there also, long before you were conceived!”  Demon spirit let us get to the corps reason for my being here, your identity!  Your lies may fool this honorable general, but tell me, would an Angel of the Most High wear a crown of light, bearing the word ‘Union’ and carry the symbol of the United States, while knowing that according to the second great even you depicted, the ‘Union’ would commit atrocities against my people?

You are very observant O man of the 21st century, stated the Demon!  I also know the end from the beginning, that your own Confederacy in your time, is called the ‘Lost Cause’ and mocked as bigoted, homophobic and referred to as a bunch of right wing radicals
.”  You know so much O demon spirit, then you must know that even now in my own time, the prophesies are beginning toward the countdown and the day when the Confederacy shall rise again, from the flames and ashes of that long ago war.

You are surely aware O demon spirit, that just as Lucifer and his kingdom cannot be divided against itself, neither is the Lord God of Heaven divided against himself, in opposition against a predominantly Christian People.  The great I AM could not support the evils of the Union, knowing the Confederacy will become his own instrument!  You have not informed General Washington that in the future, the Confederacy will be reborn, as a platform and a podium for the greatest world wide Salvation Revival, and Christian Renewal in human history.

Neither have you told him that because of your actions, the line of decency for freedom and limited constitutional government now runs through the Confederacy, not the Union.  Already in my own time one of the 144,000 chosen of God is being prepared to assume the leadership of a revived Confederate Cause, you know well demon, you cannot defeat him, and certainly not once he has become its leader.  After pausing for a moment, I looked directly at the demon before me, still transformed as beautiful women!

It would be easy for any man to be fooled by such a women, but I have seen her before in a spiritual dream, wherein the Lord showed me here true self, so I was already aware, as to whom I was dealing.  Now is the time for truth O demon spirit, the truth as to your identity!  Are you not the idol and false god that troubled the Children of Israel in the days of Jeremiah the Prophet? 
“O man of the 21st century, how is it that you have traveled so far, so as to trouble me before the time?

I am the one known as ‘the queen of heaven’ in behalf of whom, many of the children of Israel sacrificed!”  Then let us stop the charade, reveal your true appearance that my people might know you for the demon you are.  In the name of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God, and by the power of the Holy Ghost, I command you to transform yourself, back into your true appearance.  I paused, knowing that it was done, but braced my self for what I was about to see.

I then saw what few human eyes have witnessed, a demon, which had appeared in the form of a beautiful woman, false god, and an Angel of the Lord, transforming back to her original form.  I saw as in the earlier confrontation, what I could only describe as a double exposure, the woman and the hideous demon, both could be seen transposed over each other.  The demon began to howl and screech like it was being tortured, but I knew very well from whence came its agony, the power of a Holy God.

Soon the image of the ‘beautify woman’ was gone and the demon in its true form stood before me, and I knew that it was not by my own power, but by the Holy Ghost, least I would have been overcome.  The demon having been made to reveal itself to me, began to speak in an evil sounding voice; “ O man of the 21st century, you that is a follower of the Nazarene, give me leave to go, that I might depart this place.”

The mission that brought me here, having now been completed successfully, I felt no reason to prolong the issue, so I gave a command to the demon.  The damage you have done here will be recompensed, when the time has full come; you therefore have leave to go, depart and go thy way O thy fowl and evil spirit.  The demon which had millenniums before presented itself as the ‘the queen of heaven’ like unto a beautiful woman and an Angel of the Lord, was now gone.

I could see that General Washington was coming out of a state that was somewhat of a mystery to me, but that I had perceived to be like unto some type of pause in time, as if time for him, had been frozen for a short while.  Still the general was totally unaware of my presence!  The Angel of the Lord appeared once more to me, and I felt compelled to ask of her; has anything changed with General Washington?  
“Everything is as it was before; with him, it is as if neither you or I had ever been here!

O Son of the Confederacy, you have witnessed what few men have seen!   Let it be known to your people, that if they would but humble themselves before the face of the Lord God, and seek his face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will they hear from heaven and he will heal their land and do mighty things through them.  It is now time to return to your own time and to your home!”
  The cloudbank reappeared appear as it had times before, the Angel of the Lord God, again direct me to follower her!

                                                              The Journey Home

As I followed the Angel of the Lord, something important was impressed upon me, that the spiritual presence of an Angel from Heaven’s grace, was so vastly different then that to which I had been speaking, only moments ago.  As we exited the cloud back into the present, this time the Angel paused for a short while before disappearing.  And once again she spoke to me; Son of the Confederacy, let your people know, they “... wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” {Ephesians 6:12}.

Be of good cheer, your petitions before the Lord thy God has been heard, and you have found favor with Him in this matter.  The Angel then disappeared and I stood alone as before, in my wooded prayer closet, but things would never be quite the same.  I had learned of discerning of spirits, by having faced direct confrontations with the Prince of Darkness.  The true understanding of ‘discerning the spirits’ was made clear to me and I understood, that my trip back in time was as much for my own edification, as for anyone else’s.

Now I could see more clearly, that our Lord had answered my most unusual prayer, for reasons of his own divine grace and mercy.  I had been permitted to travel 147 years, then 132 years into the past, so as to confront an imposter in both cases, who was Lucifer himself, while being guided by an Angel of the Lord, and I felt humbled by the experience.  My mind at that moment, went back the Holy Word of the Living God, where it is written:

“And this is the confidence we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us.  And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desire of him.” {I John 5:14}.  I soon came to myself and followed the Angel, which had brought me to this place, and rather then exit General Washington’s headquarters in the normal way, the cloud that I had seen at the beginning returned and I entered once again, according to the directions of the Angel of the Lord God.

When at that instant, as I entered the cloud, I could hear a voice that was completely recognizable to me, which said: “… lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” {Matthew 28:29}.  Somehow I felt once again like Moses must have felt before the burning bush, that the creator of the heavens and earth should speak to this his lowly servant, and at that moment I felt so unworthy.

Soon I found myself once again standing in that small clearing in the woods not far from my home, I fell to my knees, and cried out “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” {Revelation 4:11}.  Soon I departed that little clearing in the woods, which had come to mean so much to me, and I’d always be reminded that, in that very clearing I stood face to face with Heaven’s Glory.

I began to walk the distance home, which amounted to the distance of a few blocks, turning over in my mind, what had taken place!  As I did so my mind recalled the words of scripture, where it says: “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”{Isaiah 55:11}.  I stood in the presence of Heaven’s own messenger, and heard God’s voice speak to me, and I am blessed!

My mind was deep in thought at all, which had transpired, as I entered the gate leading to our humble home, and I turned these things over in my heart and mind.  Upon entering the house I discovered my wife was ironing in the back room, so I called out to her, letting it be know that I was home.  Her response brought a smile to my face, she said; “You didn’t take long this time, you’ve only been gone about 45 or 50 minutes.”  I thought to myself, all that I had seen and done, and only 45 to 50 minutes had passed!

And to that I said:  Amen and Amen!        


Trying the Spirits

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God.”  {I John 4:1-2}.  One should not be tempted into believing the Almighty God would support the committing of atrocities, in the process of supporting a false policy of an indivisible union, as well as the illegal and unconstitutional War of Northern Aggression.

A dozen bible verses are not necessary in order to comprehend, that the foreknowledge of God, would have forbid Him from going against His own nature.  It should be self evident to everyone concerned that 54 million slaughtered, innocent, unborn babies, in and of itself gives evidence that George Washington and George McClellan were not visited by Heavenly Hosts.

One can only judge by the Union atrocities committed against Southerners as well as the Indian Nations, when measured against the Holy Scriptures.  There will be those who question the conclusions made here and they will differ vehemently!  However, in order to convince this God fearing old man, you will have to explain yourself very carefully, and in an understandable language.

You’ll have to prove to me how the Almighty God, after having foreknowledge those 54 million babies would be slaughtered, knowing this, He approved by sending Heavenly Hosts to both Washington and McClellan.  You have to convince me that God approved, knowing in His foreknowledge, that the Union would slaughter more of the innocent, then had both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan combined.

There is no mystery of history that the 13 Southern States, which seceded and formed the Confederate States of America, were populated by the highest percentage of Christian among their numbers, since the ascension of Jesus our Lord and Savior.  The Union populations consisted by and large by what we would call today Secular Humanists.  Yes there were Christians among their numbers, but they constituted a small minority of the total population.

How then can anyone reason that the George Washington would have been visited by an Angel of the Lord, with a mission to ensure an Colonial Victory, knowing of the coming atrocities against the Indian Nations as well as the Southern People.  George Washington was an honorable man; he would not have visited a Union General in 1862, in support of a tyrant like unto Abraham Lincoln, in opposition to the most Christian People in 1900 years up to that time.

The only entity, which had a vested interest in a Union Victory, is the Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub and Lucifer and he could and would come, translated into the likeness of an Angel from Heaven in the case of George Washington's Vision.  He could and would appear to General George B. McClellan, translated into the likeness of General George Washington.  Why didn’t such a Christian Nation as the Confederacy win, because we were out numbered and out gunned 4 and 5 to one, it is that simple.

Where will they be who now boasted that “You Confederates lost the war, get use to it?”  Where will they be who now worship Abraham Lincoln and Barrack Obama as a false messiahs?  And lastly, where will they be when God fearing patriots and nationalists of a free and independent Confederate States of America one day write and correct revisionist history?  What position will the pro-Unionist take, which have proposed, that Heavenly Hosts visited General George Washington and Abraham Lincoln?


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