Twinkling of an Eye

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Twinkling of an Eye
Millions Missing

Saturday 25 April 2015

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt
and vicious, they have more need for masters.” --- Benjamin Franklin

The story told on this page is of a time yet to come, as of the telling; a time leading up to an event fortold in the Holy Scripture, commonly referred to as the Rapture of the Church.  Those who are not familiar with the scriptural verses relating to the event, might wish to log onboard The Pre-tribulation Rapture!

There is no adequate way to impress upon so many who worship a false religion, as well as the athiest and agnostics, just how critical a matter.  If only they all understood what is at stake here, and acted upon that understanding!  Join in as together we join Alexander Martin and his family in the
Twinkling of an Eye.

"Behold, I shew you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal [must] put on immortality" (1 Cor. 15:51-53).

The Community of Sims Cove
Alexander Martin and his wife Corella, where among many others that populate the quaint and friendly neighborhood known as Sims Cove, so named in honor of Confederate General James Phillip Sims.  Sims Cove, in this story is located in the suburbs of what constiutes Covington  Georgia.  Whereas in so many areas of the country, people come and go without taking the slightest notice as to who lives next door or down the street, just a block away.  It is not so in Sims, where everyone knew everyone else!  It  is the socializing along with the community sharing similar interest in so many ways!

That’s the way it was when nearly all of the residence of the Cove joined together for a barbeque at General Sims Park, located at the far end of the circle, a little more then three blocks away, were those farthest away to walk the distance.  The only no shows that day were a few neighbors scheduled to work or else had other pressing interests!  This Holiday was normally celebrated on 26 April and known as Confederate Memorial Day  in Georgia and Florida.  However it was decided that the 26th being a Sunday, we would have our get together a day early.
The holiday had not been widely honored, save by the precious few who remained loyal the Confederates Cause!   However be that as it may, more important then neighborhood being made up of Confederates, is that the people are predominantly Christian, and mostly Protestant, and neighborhood was honored to have two families of Christian Jews, which might I add are most welcome.  The day began at around 10:00 A.M., as the crowd began to gather the ice chests had was already filled with cold drinks, and the barbeque pit nearly ready for the hamburgers and hotdogs.
The park is located between two small housing communities, which are positioned on opposite sides of the park, with a crystal clear stream to one side, beyond which was a wooded area.  On  the opposite side of the park was a two lane highway, and thankfully it wasn’t the main thorofair.  So the park was shared with a most gracious bunch of neighbors across the way, but in any case they seemed to be a pleasant lot.  Our Pastor Willis Greene has been for many years, the Council Leader of our community’s Recreation Board seconded by Mister Rufus Bentley, whose wife Ellinore served as our Secretary.
The couples who lived in Sims Cove were for the most part in their late 40’s and early 50’s so their children were grown and had move away to build their own lives.  However there were children running about the park, children of the community across the way.  A few the Sims Cove Families had grandchildren with them on the day of the picnic, so a pack of youngins could be heard paying about, running in and out of the adult picnicers.   All of the parents involved were no doubt pleased to have a safe place for the kids to run and play, even so all of the adults collectively helped keep watch over them.
It all began when Mister Bentley came forward and made a brief announcement, “Ladies, Gentlemen, and Children, we are gathered together here today in honor of our Confederate Heroes, heros of the late War for Confederate Independence.  While many of us will be visiting and placing Confederate Flags over their graves on the morrow, today we will celebrate with a bargeque and a wee bit of socializing.  I’d like to invite Willis Greene, our Pastor and Leader of the Recreation Board, to step forward and offer a prayer, then having given thanks, we will indulge in some fine eating.”

The good Pastor Greene stepped before the modest size neighborhood crowd, “We have much to give thanks for, but in our thanks, let us not ever forget to thank our Lord for the sacrifices of our Confederate Forefathers.  So let us all join in a spirit of prayer!”  The Pastor glanced about at his friends and neighbors, gathered all about him, “Our most precious Lord and Heavenly Father, we come before you in thanksgiving, for the blessing you have bestowed upon us.  We also come before you, in rememberence and thanks for the sacrifices of those who have gone before us, our late Confederates …. ”

As the Pastor finished his prayer and said his amen’s in behalf of all the people, he stepped back, and the chatter began, as everyone turned to those around them, and began to discuss whatever was on their minds.  For some it was the politics of the day, which immediately brought on the topic of the
Tyrant in the Whitehouse.  A man who acts more like unto an all powerful Pharaoh then a President of the United States!  Several.  The crowd turn and questioned Pastor Greene, explained The Pre-tribulation Rapture and The Coming Judgment, while emphasising that no one knows the day nor the hour.

While everyone’s eyes were fixed upon the Pastor, he continued his oration, in so doing opening up the prophetic
Scriptures, and doing so in a way that made it revelant to each of their lives, in the here and now, and in the real world.  Pastor Greene quoted a number of verses in the Holy Scriptures, among them were, “Then shall two be in the field, the one shall be taken, and the other left.  Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”  {Matthew 24:40-41}.  As the Pastor finished his oration, a Jewish Christian by the name of Issac Judah stepped forward!

Mister Judah looked about for a moment, then explained, “As of today, the signs laid down in the Scripture, have all been fulfilled.  The year 2015 is the years of the great what if, what if the
Raputure should take place this vary year, or even this day.  How many among us will be taken, and how many left?”  Those gather together that day never looked so serious minded, as they did at that moment; all where deeply engulfed within their own thoughts.  After a few minutes when nothing was being said, the silence was finally broken, by our barbeque cook, Mister David Whiticur.

A Day in the Park

The Pitmaster David called out loud and clear, “all is ready, come and get it” and everyone, almost in unison turned toward the grill, and the chatter began again!  As eacha hat been served a few gathered off to one side, a drink in one hand and a hamburger or hotdog in the other.  Among them was Issac Judah and his wife, who had lived in the Cove from the time it was first opened for occupancy, some 30 years earlier.  Also among them was James “Jim” Watson who was one of the Deacans of the local Community Church!

Benjamin caught their undivided attention when he mentioned
The Blood Red Moon, which brought on a number of  questions.  Mister Watson waited for a moment, thinking someone else would speak up, but seeing everyone had remained silent, he ask the question, which had been on his mind.  “I am not sure I understand the significance of the The Blood Red Moon, as it applies to the signs of The Pre-tribulation Rapture and The Coming Apocalypse.  Benjamin glanced first at Watson, then a the others, “The events known asThe Blood Red Moon has occurred only seven times in 2,000 years!
There are five things which have and will take place, which began on Tuesday 15 April 2014 then again on Wednesday 8 October that same year, with a full Blood Red Moon over Jerusalem.  On Friday 20 March 2015 there was a total exlipse of the sun, again it was over Jerusalem, followed by another two full Blood Red Moons on Saturday 4 Apil.  There  will be yet another Blood Red Moon on Monday 28 September 2015, which will end the series.”  Ellinore Bentley, the Secretary to their Recreation Board, was present in the group, and hung on every word that had been spoken.
Still everyone in the group would on their own initiative look about to see if the kids were all right, even as they ran in and out among them, as they spoke.  No one considered them a nuisance, but rather a joy to see running about, with an unbelievable amount of energy.  There were perhaps a half dozen teenagers who tended to stay together in their own circle, most having close family ties, thereby have a measure of self-discipline.  At the same time rebellious to the degree that they were no better or worse then an average teenager.

Ellinore had her own question on her mind, “How does this fit into the prephesies? “  This time it was Issac Judah’s turn to speak, “Perhaps it doesn’t fit at all, but we do know that everytime the series of four Blood Red Moons, along with with a total eclipe of the sun has taken place, some enormous event has taken place.  It is interesting that all of the prophesies concerning the end of days, as it is often called, have already been fulfilled.  I can only ask of myself the question, could the big event this time be the Rapture of the Church?
There will be one more Blood Red Moon in the series, on Monday 28 September?  Pastor Willis Greene hearing the discussion from a short way off approach, “May I join the discussion?”  Every in unison nodded their heads in the affirmative, and the Pastor began to speak, “We need look no further then the United States, where moral corruption grows worse and worse; Evil is now called an alternate life style, and the Godly way is called bigotry.  Formerly the constitution was considered sufficient protection against an overbearing government, now we have quite literally a Tyrant in the Whitehouse.
Previously I couldn’t imagine the United States submitting to a One World Dictatorship, such as that of the Beast of Revelation, now there is no doubt in my mind, given present circumstances.  While in past years I myself preached as to how close we were to seeing these things fulfilled, but now it seems obvious The Pre-tribulation Rapture and The Coming Apocalypse is growing ever nearer, even at our very doorstep.  The small group gathered about Issac Judah and Benjamin Moses in what started out to be merely a discussion among a few friends and neighbors, had grown to a throng of people.

On Saturday 9 May, local as well as national news was drawn to a modest size Church, thought to be non-denominational, where a little known Evangelist had been invited to preach a series of Revival Meetings.   The majority of the Church Deacons believed, as did the congregation, that a Revival would have a good measure of success.  However none of them could have anticipated what would take place!  A Television News Journalist attended the second in a seven-day schedule of Revival Meetings, and was able to meet the Preacher after most of the sizeable crowd had departed.

The Preacher approached the Reporter, a lady named Brenda Lanky, and introduced himself as Mull Manley; “how can I help you” … then he paused while the lady Reporter introduced herself.  She started to address him as Pastor then she caught herself, at which time the Evangelist came to her aide.  How about a little informality, you may call me Mull if you like, and as to yourself!”  The lady Journalist glanced at the Preacher, it having been a while since she had done a news story involving Evangelism, she replied, “you can call me Brenda, if you please."
The Growing Revival

The lady paused for a moment to gather her thoughts then responded, “Mull, you must know that your revival meetings have not only caught the attention of the local press, but have already been picked up nationally by at least two major networks.”  Mull smiled and then nodded his head, as if considering within himself what the lady had said, “I hope we made an inspiring news story,” Brenda took notice as to the self-confidence of this middle aged Preacher.  “Mull, you must know that your revivals have outgrown this small facility; might I make a suggestion?”

Mull naturally was interested in any suggestion the lady might have, “We are indeed out growing this small Church, and for once we have a pleasant problem, but what have you.”  Well, the lady responded, “I know Mister John Kessler, who manages the High School Stadium, which as you may know is covered, I can speak to him.  I think he’d love to see those bleachers filled for once.  The stadium would seat at least 5,000 or more, not withstanding, adding more seating on the ground level.”  The good Reverend looked at the news lady and smiled, “I’d be pleased to receive any help you can offer.”

The Pastor of the Church, a man named Paul Stanford had just exited the building and managed to catch the tail end of the conversation, the part where the Revival was to be moved to the local High School Stadium.  As he approached he reached out to shake hands with the lady News Journalist, Brenda Lanky.  After a little introductory conversation the good Pastor expressed his agreement, “Miss Lanky, I would be more then pleased at transferring our Revival Meetings to the Stadium.  We are indeed outgrowing our modest size Church building, thanks to the grace of our Lord.”

It was two weeks later before all the arrangements had been completed, and during that time the numbers that crowded around the Church Building grew until the entire lot was filled.  It became necessary to mount outdoors speakers, as well as a large video so that all might hear and see.  The first night at the Stadium was on a Saturday night of the 18th and already the Revivals had outgrown that Stadium also.  Evangelist Mull Manley, Mister John Kessler along with the lady News Journalist Brenda Lanky, then formed the Evangelistic Council, so as to reach out, and praying for even larger facilities.

The Revivals, which were to last for seven days, had stretched into a month, the crowds had by this time become a multitude of people.  When on Monday 8 June the Evangelistic Council reported to the Reverend Mull Manley that the Stadium at Atlanta had been procured, with all expenses paid for by a local donor.  During the final day at the local High School Stadium on Saturday 6 June Evangelist Mull made an inspiring declaration, regarding the Revival Meetings.  He stated, these meetings, had grown from filling a modest size Church, to where they now were about to pack a large Coliseum.
He stood upon the platform before a number of television cameras, with a microphone pinned to his lapel, the services being broadcast across the nation, and indeed around the world, as well as over the Internet.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, members of our large and growing congregation, both here and around the world.  I am convinced that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through his humble servant, are in our time, making a last and final alter call, before the end comes.  There is but this last opportunity, before those left behind, shall face the Beast of Revelation, and the Tribulation.” 

While he was still speaking an enormous number of people stood to their feet and began to walk forward, moving toward a large open space reserved for such an occasion.  It was a large alter call, but in this case an alter call like none other before!  The Evangelist continued speaking and quoted from the scripture, “For then there shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor shall ever be.  {Matthew 24:21}.  Now is the time for salvation, tomorrow may be to late; the Lord Himself calls each and everyone of you, who are within the sound of my voice.”

As the revivals continued the numbers having repented and accepted the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and the Lord of their lives grew, grew from a few hundred at the modest size Church in North Carolina to where 100’s of millions were coming forward.  There was no way of counting the total number worldwide, inasmuch as the message had been broadcast over a multitude of television networks, cable, satellite, as well as over the world wide web.  Some had estimated the number Born Again, Saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, to be a couple of billion.


The Heat of Revival

Given the rush of events, few people mentioned the barbeque at Sims Cove Park in Covington Georgia, on the morning of Saturday 25 April, as well as the conversation regarding the The Blood Red Moon.   And no one seemed to recall the last date on the calendar, which was rapidly approaching, that of Monday 28 September 2015.  After all why should anyone recall, it was only a friendly conversation between friends, or was there more to The Blood Red Moon then anyone new?  It did somehow enter the minds of a precious few, knowing it was now late summer and the 28th of September was approaching!

However by Friday 11 September of the same year, 2015, the revival had reached the huge Houston Astrodome!  The coliseum was packed to the rafters, as well as added seating on the turf, with an enumerable number standing wherever space could be found.  A platform had been constructed in the middle of the field, with sufficient open space round about.  Estimates suggested the Coliseum crowd to be around 100,000 not counting the throngs of people in the parking lot outside.  The service had reached the place where Evangelist Mull Manley was reaching the point of Alter Call.

It was amazing how those who took part in the Revivals and had come forward and Repented of their Sins, accepting Christ as their personal Savior and Lord of their lives, were for the most part a cross section of the population.  There were Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and even Arab Muslims by the uncounted millions.   The young, middle age, old folks and every age group in-between was represented; no one could estimate how many were effected in places like China and Russia.  But one thing was for certain; it appeared as though no part of the world was left unaffected.
Pastor Paul Stanford, Mister John Kessler and Brenda Lanky were present that evening on the platform!  Both quietly stepped down from the platform so as to be ready to greet those who would come forward, at the time of the Pastor made the Alter Call, which would be quite soon.  The sermon continued until Evangelist Mull Manley began the Alter Call, when suddenly in the Twinkling of an Eye, nearly 65 percent of those seated or standing in the Coliseum disappeared.  Those remaining looked about in shock, stunned and dazed, as to what had happened to all the other people.
It took a while before it all began to sink in as to what had taken place, when suddenly a small aircraft crashed directly into the middle of the field, killing an assistant to Evangelist Mull Manley, himself among the missing.  Given the confusion it took nearly three hours for the people to clear the stadium, since the stewards who had managed the huge crowd were, for the most part no longer present.  Outside a couple named Michael and June Bradley took a while to locate their two-year-old pick-up truck.  Walking across the parking lot, they climbed around, through and sometime under all manner or destruction.
The couple finally made it to their truck, but looking over the scene around them, they wondered quietly within themselves, how they’d get out the parking lot?   The pick-up itself looked fine, but with so much stuff seemingly thrown everywhere, there seemed to be no a clear bath to the highway.  June looked at her husband Michael with a long face, “Michael, we missed it didn’t we?  The Rapture took place and we are left here to deal with whatever comes!”  Mike glanced to the side at his wife, who was staring out the window, “yes honey, we missed it, and all because we had only a superficial belief.”

The Bradley’s pick-up truck was made for rugged country, so they climbed over, around and through the wreckage on the way home, which was about five miles away from the coliseum.   After entering their home the first thing they wanted to do was turn on the television news, and fortunately they still had power!  The GNN News Reporter was covering news from all over the nation and around the world, as untold hundreds of millions were missing.   Among her coverage was that scope of the Revival, which had a reached a worldwide audience; the Revival she said, “Had spread like a wild fire through parched timber."
Those people who remained at the Huston Astrodome slowly departed in route to their homes, which in some cases took weeks, whereas before it would have been a one-day’s drive to a distant State.  Cities along the way which they had been familiar, were all in shambles; pilot-less aircraft, driverless cars and trucks, as well as untold numbers of toxic, explosive gas, as well as chemical dumps left unattended.  Finally those of the Sims Cove in their suburb of Covington Georgia, each made numerous telephone calls, and sent out even more I-phone messages.

Return to General Sims Park

They all agreed to meet at Sims Cove Park the next day at 10:00 A.M., which by chance was Saturday 3 October, and as Friday turned into Saturday the weather was gorgeous.  If one were to judge by the weather, it would appear as if nothing unusual had take place, and everything was as normal as ever.   Nonetheless at the appointed time those who could be located arrived at the same site, the ole Stone Barbeque Pit with its chard and burned stones, and the wooden picnic tables nearby. They all waited a few minutes, just in case others were still around, and decided to come!

There were several dozen families, which took part in the original Confederate Memorial Day Picnic on Saturday 25 April this same year, approximately five months ago.  But in truth it seemed to those present to have been on another world and at another time!  There were many absentees this day, among them were
Mister David Whiticur the Barbeque Pit-master, and the two Jewish Christians - Isaac Judah and Benjamin Moses.  Others missing were James “Jim” Watson the Deacon.  Still there were a number of Sims Cover residences that remained behind, having missed the Rapture of the Church!
Among the members of the community remaining were Pastor Willis Greene, Mister Rufus Bentley and his wife Ellinore, as well as Alexander Martin and his wife Corella.  While Pastor Greene had missed the Rapture, his wife Allison was taken!  As the group came together no one knew what to say, so given his previous position as the local Church Pastor, he was first to address the group.  “We need not make excuses as to why we are all here, our friends and neighbors, and for some of us our families, have all been taken.  It need only be said, we obviously did not truly believe, we were but nominal Christian!
Of the six teenagers present on Saturday 25 April for the Confederate Memorial Day Barbeque, only two were missing, the others, like so many adults had missed the Rapture.  Pastor Greene explained that it was a matter of whether or not the individual children had reach the age of accountability.  That the age of accountability was not a fixed crononogical age, but rather that time in their lives when they were childhood inocense did not apply; they were old enough to comprehend and make a decision on their own.  All of the teenagers no doubt had reached that age!

Benjamin Franklin once stated,
“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need for masters.”   Perhaps Mister Franklin failed to complete the thought, that a person can be virtuous and still not be a Born Again Christian.  We should have born witness of Christ Jesus, and some of you could rightfully say you did, but our witness was superficial, some gave an exemplary witness outwardly, while being empty on the inside.  While others believed they could actually be Christians, without being a true living-witness, both inwardly as well as outwardly.

Still we are all knowledgeable enough as to the Scripture, and we all know what we face!  It would behoove us to diligently search ourselves and this time, seek the Lord Jesus Christ and repent, and do so with a contrite heart.”  The Pastor began his prayer, and everyone joined in, only this time there was a sensarity in their voices, which came from the heart.  This time they all truly believed!  As each finished praying, all of them once again turned to Pastor Greene, who had turned about and looked over those stooding before him, then glanced around at the beautiful park he knew so well, and again began to speak.

”We’ve been given this final opportunity to repent, but by having waited and having missed the Rapture, it will cost us and dearly, you all surely know we cannot stay here, we must find a secure place.   Even so, as Christians of the Tribulation, we must find a way to bear witness of Jesus Christ!  Already the Tribulation Prophesies are beginning to take place.  We cannot stay long in Sims Cove and certainly not in this park.   Alexander Martin and his wife Corella who were among those to miss the Rapture, whispered to each other, and Alex addressed the Pastor with their question.

”Pastor Greene, if not  here in our homes, where can we go that would be safe, and what about these teenagers?”  The Pastor glanced about at those round about him, “I now count about twenty two of us, approximately half of which are ladies.  And yes I am counting the teenagers, one girl, and three boys!  While I’ve been a Preacher half of my adult life, early on I served eight years in the army, having had five tours of duty in Iraq and Afganistan.  Besides I am an experienced hunter, so I know about survival, and believe me there are places in those mountains to our north, few could ever find."

Prepaing for Tribulation Life

Corella Martin still had a questioning look on her face, to which the Pastor took notice, “Corella you have a question, feel free to ask!”  Corella looked at her husband then turned to Pastor Greene, “Where will we live in those mountains, where will we get food, clothing and the like?  Vary soon now we won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark!”  Pastor Greene had an answer and addressed Corella’s question, “I’ve been expecting an economic collapse for some time, given the indebtedness of the United States, so I have been making preparation.

Believe me, we have a place to live, well stocked with food, clothing and all the necessities of life; enough to sustain us for some time, in the meantime.  I know most of the men, and if I am not mistaken, they are either hunters or Military Veterans and can handle a weapon, so we can hunt and thereby stretch our food supply.  Beyond that we will depend upon God’s Grace to show us the way!  We will all pack into four of the larger, nine pasenger vehicles!  This evening we will meet in the Church Parking lot have a few refreshments in at the Parsonage, then start north towards the mountains.

Ellinore, Mister Rufus Bentley’s wife nudged her husband, “urging him, go ahead Rufus!”  Pastor Greene hearing them whisper to each other, smiled, go ahead Rufus, you are welcome to ask any question you like.”  Rufus glanced at his wife, then turned to the Pastor, “Ellinore has medication she takes, pills, what about them?”  The Pastor looked at Ellinore, “take all the medican you have, in addition, if we leave soon, there will still be time to stop over somewhere and get a refill.  Be sure to take any prescription you may have."

One of the teenage boys whose parents were taken, stepped forward from where they was standing towqard the rear of the crowd, “Pastor, me and my friends skipped Church a lot, and ignored as much as possible most of the addults, even our Parents whenever we felt like we could get by with it, but now things have changed.  My friends and I have accepted Christ as our Savior, and we want to help however we can.”  The Pastor walked over toward the teens, “yes you can help, it has been said that you boys are expert computer hacks.  Is that true or just a rumor?"

A second boy, named Randy Commons stepped forward, “It is I Pastor and we’ll be pleased to use what we know for good rather then mischef, if we can.  Pastor Greene smiled at the teenage girl and three boys that had by now closed in around him.  “Randy the days of freely and openly spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is past, we must find other ways.”  Randy and gave a big smile, “Yes Pastor this is beginning to sound good!”  The Pastor knew the teens understood exactly what he had in mind, “It is my idea to use the computer to hack into a worldwide network in a way that will completely hide our identities.

Can it be done Randy?”  Another boy named Chuck Bernard, chuckled then made his own response, “Pastor if you want the Gospel spread, Randy is your boy, and he can hack the entire world if you ask it of him.”  Chuck no doubt ment the comment to be humorous, and it was, but the Pastor was completely serious.  “You boys bring the equipment, and once we get settled down I will present a number of sermons, as well as messages for broadcast.”  The group would soon need to break up, so the Pastor turned again to the boys, “Oh, bring a number of the UBS devices, the ones with plenty of memory.

Looking about and seeing there were no more questions, the Pastor dismissed the group, and said one final prayer before each would head their own way to make preparations for departure.  They were truly making preparations for tribulation life, and the Pastor didn’t need to emphasis how serious was their situation.  The next time they would meet, it they’d be starting a entirely new way of life, life in hiding from the Beast of Revelations and his followers.  The Pastor’s Parsanage and the Church was on the far end of the Cove, so he had broght his vehicle, as he walked toward it, he prayed for God’s Guidenance.


The prophesies concerning world conditions prior to, during, and after the Rapture of the Church have been told in many forms outside the Scriptures.  A number of movies have been produced by Christian Movie, which deal with the subject!  The Rapture and the Tribulation have beyond a doubt been covered by Ministers of the Gospel often and thorough enough. to where few can honestly say they do not have at least a minimal understand of the topic.  Yet the vast majority of the worlds population will indeed remain behind when it occurs!

There are many verses in the Scriptures that could be quoted, and you are urged to do a little scriptural search of on your own, however, I Thessalonians 4:15-18 is an excellent place to begin.

"For this we say unto you by the world of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first; Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words."

God save the Confederacy

The words "caught up" are translated from the Greek word harpazo, which means "to carry off," "snatch up," or "grasp hastily." The translation from harpazo to "rapture" involved two steps: first, harpazo became the Latin word raptus; second, raptus became the English word "rapture."

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