Race and Gender

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Race and ‘Gender’


Those of Yankee persuasion, particularly the extreme liberal socialists of the mindset of Abraham Lincoln, have managed to lay a burden of guilt upon the Confederate and Southern People, which our people have regretfully carried all these years. Those who haven’t cast aside that burden should do so immediately; the burden spoken of here is the Institution of Slavery, which was and remains an institution of its own time. Another case is the use of the word equality; we should all be treated equal in our humanity, but there should be no such expectation as to results. Otherwise the military could have no system of ranks, since we are all equal, everyone would win in sports and no one would fail in academics. The incentive to strive for advancement would be lost in a world of socialism; individuals must succeed or fail by their own efforts.


Prior to the War for Confederate Independence, slavery was considered Constitutional under the United States Constitution.  Rich merchants and bankers from large northern cities, such as New York and Boston, financed the capture, transportation and sale of slaves.  The only mass Negro graves ever discovered were unearthed in New York, where newly arrived slaves were literally worked to death.  These same merchants and bankers profited mightily from the slave trade and further increased their wealth, by selling these same slaves to Southern Plantation owners.

Prior to the U.S. ratifying the Thirteenth Amendment, the Confederate States Constitution forbad the importation of slaves.  The U.S. ratified their anti-slavery amendment after the war, as a result of force, which in effect nullifies their bragging rights.  Since under its Constitutional provisions, amendments cannot be added by force of arms; this would be like unto a witness in a court of law, being force at gunpoint to testify a certain way.

It should also be noted, that besides forbidding the importation of slaves, the Confederate States Constitution would, when reactivated, forbid the making of any non-slave a slaves, under its provisions.  Therefore the issue has passed into history!  Since reestablishing the Confederate Cause in modern times, there has been a plan underway to formalize the ending of slavery by ratifying an amendment, which would add no additional powers to the central government, but constitutionally end slavery.

Still there are those of the Black Race, which somehow believe they are own reparations for the years of slavery, an institution in which no modern Confederate or Southern, has ever been involved.  It would be like unto any number of people around the world, having ancestors, which were slaves of the Roman Empire, now picketing Rome Italy because of the deeds of Italian ancestors.  Modern Blacks are owned no special rights or privileges, save for the right to succeed or fail based upon their own efforts.

The forefathers of today’s Blacks would no doubt be appalled at what their descendants have made of their freedoms, won under such desperate circumstances.  Whatever their condition in life, Blacks of former years took complete responsibility for the outcome of their own lives.  They were not known to have laid their failures at the door of other people, including Whites!  Today 65 percent of all Black Children are born out of wedlock, drugs and violence runs rampant through their number, and this of their own making.

While Whites have similar problems, it is to a lesser degree and no one has ever known whites to blaming another race for their circumstances, including Blacks.   The problems we face in modern society are a self-imposed lack of self-discipline, absence of a moral foundation and a culture, which encourages bad behavior.  None of these things are the fault of someone else, but the guilt lay at the doorstep of each individual, who willfully chooses self-destruction, as a way of life.

The ‘Confederate Candidate’ should begin by recapturing the English language and ending political correctness; for example there is no such person upon this earth as an African American, based solely upon proper English Usage.  The proper terms are Negro or Blacks and while that may not be preferable, we have none-the-less degraded the language until eventually terms will no longer hold any meaning.  In like manner, the human race is not divided into male and female Gender, but rather male and female sex.

The term Gender refers to the characteristics of each sex, such as masculine and feminine, we have managed to erase the word sin from our lexicon, therefore right or wrong has become relative and no longer guides our behavior.  Now we have female warriors and male homemakers and marriage lasts until someone’s feelings are hurt or else they loose there self esteem.  The self-evident truth is that society today needs Jesus Christ esteem and self-discipline, minus the self-esteem.

Even more sanity can be arranged by eliminating diversity, as well as racial and sexual preferring; it is no secret that political correctness demands a certain balance between the races as well as the sexes, in every area of life.  Even as far as the number of prisoners, the politically correct are demanding a proportional number of Blacks to Whites and Hispanics.  None of this takes into account the crimes committed by individuals, regardless of race and sex.

There is an example, whereby an incident took place in 1980, and is still taking place today, whereby a certain individual visited a Civilian Employment Office at a local Air Force Base.  It was break time so many of the office workers had stepped out, leaving a single White Woman behind the counter.  Upon asking about employment, the White Gentleman seeking employment was told; we are hiring only Black and preferable Black Women; your education and experience does matter, we are hiring only Blacks.

The Gentleman managed to gain employment, but only because he knew the base well and was aware of an open position, so he sought out the Supervisor involved and was hired.  The modern Civil Rights Movement has deteriorated to the place where everyone needs protection; accept for White Males and White Male Southerners in particular.  If equal treatment under law is the moral high ground, let it begin here and now, by erasing race and sex quotas and make decisions based upon the most qualified.

Then there is the Holidays; we now have Martin Luther King Day, Black History Month and any numbers weeks where regular programming over television, radio and local celebrations are set aside.  We do this so as to be reminded that some historical events have invoved Blacks or possibly some female personality.  Political Correctness has created a new religion, which I refer to as the god of Race, Gender, Multiculturalism and Diversion; it is time to get back to naming holidays, streets, building and parks in honor of true national heroes.

God save the Confederacy



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t would be a wise move, if Municipal, County-Parish, State and Federal Governments were all required to drop race and sex from all laws and regulations.  Even the count of the census should be included; the Constitution requires the count of the citizens so as to reapportion the seats in the House of Representatives, based upon population by State.   It does not authorize the enumerating the population based upon race or sex, nor does toilet seats, housing, automobiles and income categories, appear as a Constitutionally enumerated power.   All that the Constitution requires is a count of the people, so as to know how many people live within the borders of each State, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

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