The Confederate Creed

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The Confederate Creed


A great Confederate once said, "No man is defeated until he himself hauls down his flag." It is in this spirit that we put forth The Confederate Creed:

I, as a true Confederate, do hereby proclaim these beliefs: that the Confederate States Government is the duly elected and lawful general government of the nation known as "The Confederate States of America" and that no foreign government usurping power over the ballot boxes of these States should be recognized as having any lawful or moral authority over us, the citizens of the Confederate States of America.

I also hereby declare that the Confederate States Constitution, all Confederate flags, symbols and monuments do reign supreme above those of any other nation within the boundaries of The Confederate States of America.

I hereby state, before Almighty God, that I consider it my sacred duty to those Confederate Patriots who have gone before me and to present and future Compatriots, to restore the Confederate States Government and Constitution to power, and the Confederate States of America to their rightful place among the nations of the earth.

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The Confederate Creed