A Nation on its Knees

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A Nation on its Knees

The events in the story you are about to read has not taken place as of the writing, however it is well within our collective power by the grace and divine providence of Almighty God, in Christ Jesus, to cause a similar situation to take place. We have been taught that prayer changes things and that with God all things are possible, but are we prepared to but that biblical teaching to the test and make it an ingredient of our daily lives?

This story portrays a time yet future, when a series of events take place, leading the Confederate People to confront a situation, unlike anything faced by their forefathers or foremothers. Will they humble themselves before our Lord and Savior or will they some how believe they can work things out without His help? Travel with us to that future time and see whether a nation will bow its knees in a prayer of repentance and seek Divine Intervention!

Monday 19 January 2009
Thomas J. Jackson%u2019s Birthday

Since the beginning of the year there was a buzz over the Internet, which included meetings of Confederate Groups all over the Southerland and beyond; somehow everyone could sense that something unusual and special was in the air. Remarks had been passed around reminding everyone, the 144th anniversary of the surrender of our Confederate Armies, is a little more then a year away. The Confederate Legion had grown to a sizeable number, none-the-less the allusive 3,000,000-member goal was still seemingly years away, if it were at all possible. Some gains had been made, however meager they may have been; among these have been the assigning of a dependable, loyal, Confederate Legion General Staff, having military experience, leadership ability and organizational skills.

The organization had participated in local parades in a number of States such as Tennessee, North Carolina and in South Florida, but while these were noteworthy on the local level, which was certainly appreciated, they did not gain popular recognition. The Confederate Legion still was suffering, as it were, from the lack of adequate sponsors, which would allow its members to obtain, nationwide training, uniforms and other necessary items. Travel was limited, since only a small percentage of its members could afford to attend functions, beyond the local area in which they lived. If the Legion is to develop into a large professional and effective Confederate Military Ceremonial Honor Guard, the means was presently beyond the reach of its leaders.

It appeared as though the Confederate Legion in particular and the Confederate Movement in general had definitely made progress, however it was not yet sufficient to command the undivided attention of the mass media, the bureaucracy or the people at large. Still there was a certain mood in the air, a spirit that somehow things were about to change! None-the-less any meaningful improvement had to come quickly or else the entire movement could loose faith and disintegrate. Many believed time was slowly running its course and the movement must either hit the prime time news very soon, or else the momentum would be lost.

As if society itself wasn%u2019t in enough trouble, the American Civil Liberties Union was making ever-greater gains in causing the Christian Faith to be suppressed and homosexuality to be placed under the Federal Civil Rights protection laws. A new Federal Administration was coming into office, which would appoint only radically liberal Judges to the Federal Bench and the illegal alien problem only worsened as Congress promised much, but delivered little. These things tended to further erode public morality, which has proving destructive to society as a whole, and the family in particular! Even the Ministers of Jesus Christ, now found the process of preaching against sin and perversion to be considered paramount to a hate crime.

While Political Correctness espoused freedom, equality and diversity, society at large has become increasingly regulated to the place where those whoare out of step with the new socialist doctrines of the extreme left, were now considered members of a radical fringe. Such people were being subject to suspicion, lawsuits and even possible arrest for having expressed their views on a number of controversial matters. While listening to the public rhetoric, one would believe that freedom was flourishing across the land, but in reality, it is rapidly fading behind a curtain of central control, regulation and adjudication. It was under these conditions that Confederates feared for their families as well as their own futures, because of activelyparticipated in the Confederate Cause.

Pressures were mounting, time was growing short and the future of the movement looked increasingly bleak; some began to wonder openly how long they could continue with %u2018The Cause.%u2019 That is until someone made what was believed to be an inspired suggestion; we must call for a day of prayer and praise toward our Lord and Savior, but not merely by emailing everyone. We must use the example of the now extinct Open Air Revivals, once popular throughout the Southland. Some practiced these %u2018Prayer Revivals%u2019 in the form of %u2018Brush Arbor Meetings%u2019 where all Christian Denominations within the community was invited to attend and participate. In the case of the Confederate Cause it was suggested, we must return to the very place where our homeland officially came under occupation, that being Appomattox Courthouse.

This very site was the place were a Christian Confederate General was forced by circumstances, to surrender to a cigar-smoking drunk, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered the Army of Northern Virginia. It was that very incident, which lead to the surrender or disbanding of all Confederate Armies! Would the modern Confederate Cause now return, not to surrender an army, but to surrender a people and nation, to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior? Shall we as a people do what the ancients did, and bow before him, as it were, in sackcloth and ashes? If we have indeed come to the end of the line and there seems little hope, then it is pass the time to surrender our souls, as well as our people and nation, to our Heavenly Supreme Commander.

Wednesday 21 January 2009
Robert E. Lee%u2019s Birthday

The vast majority of the Confederate Cause celebrated both the birthday of General Robert E. Lee {19 January 1807} as well as General Thomas J. %u2018Stonewall%u2019 Jackson {21 January 1824} both on 19 January as Confederate Heroes Day. The suggestion had originally been made to conduct a Confederate wide Prayer Meeting on the 19th and the time between then and the 21st seen cyber-space buzzing with all sorts of traffic. The intervening couple of day%u2019s traffic had not answered all of the questions, but it did indicate considerable support for such a prayer meeting. And it was obvious the vast majority was not speaking of simply conducting prayers as individuals in their homes or business, as important as such prayer may have been, but rather a gathering of Confederates at a Nationwide Prayer Meeting.

Obviously, if such a meeting was to be organized there was little time, many would need advance notice in order to arrange for funding for the trip, days off from work or school, as well as other arrangements. A dozen or so key individuals quickly began to put together a planning committee, which included a lawyer. First on the list was the question of where, and to this end; several churches were approached, which were located in cities such as Montgomery Alabama, Charleston South Carolina and Raleigh North Carolina. Then another suggestion was submitted to the committee, more in the form of a plea, that the Prayer Meeting be held in the very place where the occupation of our homeland was made official, Appomattox Courthouse Virginia.

The obtaining of a permit to hold the Prayer Meeting at Appomattox would be difficult, since the park normally charged a fee for entry and a program would probably already have been made for 9 April, which would preclude our own plans for that particular date. Still the date of 9 April was historic, and unless God intervened, it just would never be possible! The planning committee nominated a three-man team consisting of a well-known Christian Confederate Minister, a Lawyer equally familiar to the vast majority of our people. The third man was a gentlemen who was well acquainted with the park, its schedule and its behind the scenes functions; the thee men then enquired as to what group may or may not have reserved the park for that particular date.

Monday 4 February 2009
The Confederate Delegation

Several phone calls, email messages and a private visit was made to the Appomattox Courthouse Virginia area over the next ten days, until the National Park Service as well as everyone concerned finally agreed to meet on Wednesday 4 February at the Park, and work out the final details, during which time the permit would be issued. At 1:00 P.M. that same afternoon a call was made to the Prayer Meeting Planning Committee Chairman, the permit was now in his hands. The final details was well underway for a %u2018Return to Appomattox Courthouse%u2019 but this time, it was for a totally different type of surrender. The word began to spread quickly through cyber-space, by cell phone and any other means of communications that was available.

The entire plan for a Prayer Meeting at Appomattox Courthouse was turning into much more then a Christian Gathering for a relatively small portion of the Confederate Movement, but the rallying of a people and nation. There would be 1,000 Confederate Legionnaires present and in uniform, which would represent the Confederate Legion at large. A Sons of ConfederateVeterans Camp from Virginia requested and was granted permission to join the services. Ministers from a number of Christian Denominations also joined the growing numbers of those scheduled to appear. There was no accounting for the cooperation, which was taking place, save to say the Lord God Himself seemed to be pouring out of his spirit upon our efforts.

Wednesday 11 March 2009
Approach of the Final Days

The last half of February and continuing through March saw every detail reviewed and re-reviewed by the committee, so as to be certain everything went off on scheduled. Given the estimates on the number of people wishing to participate, there could be no slip-ups; continuing contact was made with the Officials at the Appomattox Courthouse National Park. Plans called for the Confederate Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans to march not less then five miles into the park, in honor of General Lee%u2019s Army of Northern Virginia, which had since come to represent the fate of the entire Confederate Cause. The concept of holding a Confederate wide Prayer Meeting was miracle enough, but to see so many organizations wanting to participate was even more of a miracle.

The mass media was not totally unaware that something was in the wind, particularly when one of their investigative reporters uncovered a complete change in the routine schedule of the National Park at Appomattox. Only brief mention of it was made over the television and radio news, but seemingly every Confederate and Southern magazine and newsletter, printed as well as online, was spreading the news, the greatest Gathering of the Gray since First Manassas was soon to take place. Somehow it was as if the Angles of Heaven was encirclingour modern encampment, we know as the Confederate Cause. It was as if the very throne room of Heaven%u2019s Glory awaited a people and nation to return to its rightful place and relationship with the %u2018God of all Creation.%u2019

Thursday 9 April 2009
Surrender at Appomattox Remembered

When word began to spread far and wide of the Prayer Meeting at Appomattox Courthouse, a farmer who had always been sympathetic with the Confederate Cause, but had held back, believing nothing good would ever come, now stepped into the breach. His farm was some seven miles northeast of the entrance to the Appomattox Courthouse Park site, which is located on highway 24 in the south central area of Virginia. Highway 60 runs east and west to the north and highway 460 parallels to the south. Now this 1362-acre park would become known for an entirely different kind of surrender. The wee hours of Thursday morning saw automobiles begin to line up in an open grassy field as guests of the old farmer, known as Jason McPherson.

The precession would require a couple of hours to march the distance to the park entrance, since there were so many and merely to get such a thong of people heading down the road, was a formidable task. But finally at 6:45 A.M. the Sons of Confederate Veterans lead the way by marching out of old Mr. McPherson%u2019s Farm under police escort, heading southwest toward the park at Appomattox. The S.C.V. Color Guard went first, then the S.C.V. Camp, afterward then Southern Belles followed by approximately 1,000 Legionnaires in a type of makeshift uniform of gray trousers, sky blue shirts, and baseball cap bearing a Battle Flag as well as black shoes. The parade managed to precede toward their objective in a rather quiet manner, with few if any surprises.

However everything began to change as they reached the final two-mile stretch before the main entrance; people seemed to pour out of side streets and private properties from every direction. They appeared from buildings, parked cars and every conceivable place, to such a degree our numbers began to swell into an enormous throng, as they fell in behind the Confederate Legion. The crowds kept coming as we approached the final half-mile from the entrance, but the biggest surprise was yet to come. Three horsemen appear from behind a row of horse trailers positioned in a parallel line near the street in a nearby parking lot. A distinct gasp came from those close enough to see; it was President Jefferson Davis, as well as Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. %u2018Stonewall%u2019 Jackson.

They made their approach and the entire procession halted, as President Jefferson Davis addressed the Commanders of the S.C.V. and the Confederate Legion, which had all come forward in order to see more clearly. Gentlemen, spoke President Davis, may I have the honor and privilege of leading your columns the remainder of the way. Almost simultaneously the three commanders stood at attention, rendered a salute to their Commander in Chief and replied; %u201CYes Sir Mr. President. Then turning to Generals Lee and Jackson addressing each separately, the S.C.V. Commander replied, we%u2019d be pleased to march under your Command, General Lee, General Jackson. Those present were so awed by the exact likeness of the three men to their counterparts of history; they began to stumble over their words and failed to recognize them as what would most certainly would have been, re-enactors.

The Grand Entrance

The guards at the entrance to the Appomattox Courthouse National Park witnessed the procession coming ever closer but not yet close enough to witness thefourth guest join the parade. It was none other then the Reverend Robert L. Dabney, D.D. the most well known Chaplain of the Confederacy. He had rode out from behind a parked delivery truck, whose driver was obviously waiting for the parade to pass by and no doubt enjoying the spectacle, as he waited. Reverend Dabney approached the head of the columns and once more there was a halt as Davis, Lee and Jackson, eagerly invited the good reverend to join their ranks. Meanwhile the guards at the entrance to the Appomattox Courthouse National Park were themselves awe struck as the throng of marchers approached.

One guard known as, Justin Wakley, was concerned as to how many more people were following these four men in the front rank, then was originally approved? "There are so many, it could easily be dark before they all pass through this entrance and its only 9:30 in the morning now!" The other guard referred to as Colton McCade replied; %u201Cyou don%u2019t really think I am going to stop all these people from coming through on their way to pray? There%u2019s no way I need to see the news report that would follow over worldwide television, should I do such a thing.%u201D Even as they spoke the procession began to pass through the entrance, as both guards simultaneously saluted;about thenJustin remarked in a stuttering voice; %u201CThey, they, he, he, they look like the real people to me? I majored in history, but this is a little history then I bargained for!%u201D

Colton replied; %u201Cthey do look authentic, sure enough,and maybe I spent to many years in the army, but never have I seen re-enactors look so much like the actual people, whose part they were playing. By this time the mass media had began to grasp the magnitude of what was taking place and cut in on their regular broadcast with a %u2018Developing Story Report%u2019 which would continue through the entire days activities, braking away only on occasion for commercials and updates on other news. These most honorable leaders seem to know exactly where they were leading their columns; that being directly to the spot where General Lee surrendered his Army, on this very date 144 years ago.

The Site of the Surrender

As they arrived at the site it was noticed that a small platform had been erected not far from the McLean House, suitable for the purpose, but not extravagant by any means. The platform was raised several feet, so as to ensure everyone could see those who were addressing the crowd, and wireless speakers were positioned in various places throughout the grounds. A cordless microphone lay on a crude speakers stand in the forward center of the platform. It was expected the day would be mild but humid, but this was not the case, the humidity and the temperature seemed to speak of a very pleasant day and the sun was bright over a clear blue sky.

The meeting finally got underway at 11:00 A.M. and soon the preliminaries where completed and the real business for which everyone had gathered was commencing. There seemed to be a spirit about the grounds that was so heavy it could have only come from the very presence of God Himself. The crowd, which had begun to speak among themselves since the multitude stretch so far in every direction, one wonder if they were even aware of what was happening. Then President Jefferson Davis approached the stand, picked up the microphone and began to speak. %u201CLadies and Gentlemen of the Confederacy, I have traveled across the pages of time and of Heaven%u2019s Glory, that I might stand before you in this most critical hour of our history.

We have not gathered here today, that we might once more surrender to the power of man, but rather to the power of Almighty God, according the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are here today not merely as separate organizations, but rather as a single people and nation, that we might learn an example from the Prophet Ezra, and confess our sins both as individuals and as a nation; sins we have committed against the God of all Creation. Allow me to call Chaplain Robert L. Dabney to the podium, as we join him in a reading from the Holy Scripture." The President then stepped back out of the way as the Chaplain came forward, opened an old tattered and warn bible and began to read from Ezra 9:6-15.

The crowd began to raise their hands in praise as the Chaplain came forward, then joining him as he read, but in silent prayer! Soon it was General Lee who spoke to the crowd and the people were so awe stuck by now, they were certain the Angles of Heaven were encamped round about the park grounds. General Lee obviously realizing he was addressing people from across the width and breadth of the land, via some type of communication, so he began to speak to them. %u201CI am going to ask everyone within the sound of my voice, to stop whatever you are doing, bow your knees and join with us as we give our Prayer of Confession before the Almighty God, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Only those performing a job, which cannot be halted, are exempt, let everyone else join with us!

The Call Goes Out to a People and Nation

I call out to those driving along the highways of this land, working in an office or else performing household chores, stopnow and bow before our Lord and Savior.%u201D General Lee signaled for the other three men to come forward and stand beside him, while he handed the microphone to General Stonewall Jackson, who began to speak; %u201CIf we standing here can travel across pages of time itself to be here, surely every individual, in every quarter of the land can come the remainder of the way, which is on your knees before God. Somehow, a change was taking place, which could only be explained in terms of an intervention by the Almighty God Himself.

Across the land, television cameras and radio microphones were telling ofpeople by the tens and twenties of millions, upwards of 100 million or more who were heeding the call, which was coming from the McLean House at Appomattox Courthouse National Park. Traffic on most of the freeways came to a complete halt as people pulled to the side and off the pavement, so much so that where there was no more room, they simple stopped where they were, got out of their cars, pick-up trucks, 18 wheelers or other vehicles, then bowed down and prayed. The prayers were so fervent, it would later be described as an ocean of tears, not for sadness, injury or death, but out of a contrite heart of true confession and repentance.

Stonewall Jackson quietly stepped away from the microphone and Reverend Dabney stepped forward and continued speaking to the nation as one crying out to a lost people, nation and indeed the entire world, calling them to an alter of confession and repentance. In meantime someone had erected an enormous Christian Cross approximately 50 feet way, which was now surrounded by those participating in the Prayer Meeting. At the foot of the cross was a bench, like unto those used in many churches as an %u2018Alter of Prayer%u2019. While the huge congregation of people present as well as untold millions across the land, bowed their knees in prayer, President Jefferson Davis as well as Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. %u2018Stonewall%u2019 Jackson walked single file down the steps of the platform toward the alter.

Upon reaching the %u2018Alter of Prayer%u2019 the two generals still wearing their swords, laid their sword and sheathed upon the alter, a news camera crew recorded and broadcast the scene to the entire world, including what was said next; General Lee speaking in behalf of the two armed generals said, %u201CWe hereby surrender our swords, ourselves, our people and our nation, not to men but to the Almighty God and to Him alone. A well-known news anchor was later reported to have said at that very moment; %u201CDear God, he has just undone the original surrender at Appomattox.%u201D But the miracles of the day, as mighty as they were, had only just begun! While the entire population of the States and most of the world looked on, the four men came together at the foot of the platform.

Their horses were brought from behind the McLean House, they each mounted, while now being unarmed, Traveler, General Lee%u2019s horse, reared up and whinnied, the four men then road off side by side and disappeared, not more then 25 yards away, while the world watched. The leaders of the S.C.V. and the Confederate Legion then gathered on the platform and addressed the people. %u201CLadies and gentlemen, for the benefit of those who were not close enough to see what has just taken place, Davis, Dabney, Lee and Jackson, whom you all witnessed as they addressed both the crowd gathered here, as well as the entire world, have disappear. What we have just witnessed was of Divine Origins, possibly Angels or else we must conclude, these were the actual men themselves and not re-enactors.

We have just received several cell phone calls which tell us, these two swords and their sheaths now laying before us on the alter, are those of Generals Lee and Jackson, additionally the four men seen here among us, did not disappear in a cloud of dust, but rather they simply vanished, while the people standing nearby bore witness. If we had not seen it happen for ourselves, we would consider it an exaggeration! Another miracle is that several of us have all this on a digital recording; samples of the entire Prayer Meeting have also been recorded, having been broadcast over television. This time my fellow Confederates, neither the will of Almighty God nor the miracles we have witness here this day, can ever be explained away or turn into a revision of history.%u201D

A People and Nation Reborn in a Day

The Founder, Confederate Legion, then standing side by side with his Chief of Staff, stepped forward at that time and read before the crowd as well as over worldwide television, none other then Proclamation of independence of the Confederate States of America. He then stated; %u201CHenceforth %u2018we the people%u2019 of the Confederate States of America, have no other master but our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and Him alone shall we serve. These men have arrived among us from the realms of Heaven%u2019s Grace, as an act of Divine Providence from the Almighty God, that we might confess our sins before Him, and become a free and independent people and nation.

They can do no more, it is now for us to proclaim and bare witness before the entire world, that we are a free and sovereign nation, founded upon the Almighty God, in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and Prayer. On this day we have experienced miracles, miracles, which have also been officered to the masses of the people as an opportunity, a situation rarely exemplified in the annals of history. We have seen our Lord make a direct intervention into the affairs of men and nations. Even more, He has stretched forth His hand to that very nation, which has held the Confederacy under occupation and subjugation for 144 years, in order that they might stand in the will of God.

Our people and nation, the Confederate States of America, has done what few others nations have done throughout recorded time; they have openly confessed their sins and repented with a truly contrite heart. As a result, our nation has been reborn in a single day; it is now for us to finish the work and make of the Confederacy, a light unto the world. We will now depart from this place and return to our homes, but we return with a new heart and a cleansed soul, for now we are in all reality, truly a separate and distinct people and nation. Fashioned and molded by the Hand of Almighty God! The Confederate Leadership then formed up on the grounds below the platform, and the people follow them out of the park, just as they had entered that very morning, and thankfully nothing would ever been the same.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Remembering A Miracle

The Confederate Prayer Meeting at Appomattox finally came and went and of a certainty, things were not the same! Those things, which were impossible before, seemed to fall into place, with as much amazement as was the miracles witnessed at Appomattox. Where there was divisiveness before, now there was unity and where the Confederate Cause seemed to advance at a snails pace, all of a sudden there were pleasant problems, as millions stood behind the Confederate Legion.

The Legion Leadership was however faced with a new reality, whereby prior to the Prayer Meeting, widespread knowledge of the Legion was limited, now the entire world was very much aware, as to the identify ofthe entire staff of its national leaders.
The Confederate Legion had previously been a relatively meager few and stood alone, in a single days time its numbers were counted by the size of a many nations, as its ranks grew by the multi-millions.

However along with these new millions came those who were expert at organizing, and they themselves volunteered in order to register recruits, andthey didso in seven and eight digit figures and higher. Registrations were made by the wiz kinds of the computer age who divided the new recruits by State, County and Municipality. Then these same wiz kids recommended and followed up on assignmentsof leaders as quickly as the General Staff approved them. Before a long period of time had passed, the Confederate Legion was nothing short of a colossus, when it comes to organizational size and professional efficiency.

Even with their enormous growth, no one realized at the beginning, the Legion had managed to reach into every single State and County or Perish of the Confederacy and its territories, now states and indeedbeyond. Its outreach was like unto tentacles, which for the first time negated the stranglehold our occupational forces had held over the Confederate States of America. The Confederate Legion now had it within its grasp, to quite literally alter the course of future history, since it now held sway in the political arena, in as much as its own Confederate Memberships held dominance. This became obvious when the money brokers began to shift from supporting the empire and its candidates to financing the Confederate Cause.

Even they knew the pendulum of power had shifted in favor of the Confederates, but in essence it was happening, not because we ourselves had made the case, but because of a call to return to Appomattox Courthouse for a time of prayer unlike any ever seen. As the days passed, it was finally Sunday 10 May and the %u2018Confederate Movement%u2019 commemorated the death of General Thomas J. %u2018Stonewall%u2019 Jackson, but they did soin an entirely new light, since all those present that day, as well as those viewing the spectacle over television were convinced, the four men which stood among us were in fact, Davis, Dabney, Lee and Jackson.

Now, going through the process of gaining the necessary support of the electorate as well as the politicians, for a peaceful liberation, would soon be a matter of history. None-the-less a hard lesson had been learned, it all came about because an entire nation followed the example of the Prophet Ezra and prayed the prayer of confession, similarly as he had done, repenting of its sins, they had then followed suit by accepting Jesus Christ as the Savior and Lord of their lives. They would go on to found a liberated and reborn Confederate States of America, upon the Almighty God, in Christ Jesus, the Holy Scripture and Prayer.

God save the Confederacy

It was said of General Thomas J. %u2018Stonewall%u2019 Jackson that %u201CHe bore his sufferings, and the amputation of his arm with the utmost Christian fortitude, saying repeatedly that he was perfectly resigned to God%u2019s will and would not, if he could, restore the arm, unless assured that it was his Heavenly Father%u2019s will.%u201D General Richard Stoddert Ewell after witnessing General Jackson%u2019s Christianity and havingwitnessed him upon hisknees in prayer, said of him; %u201CIf that is religion, I must have it;%u201D and in making a profession of faith not long afterwards he attributed his conviction to the influence of Jackson%u2019s piety. {Christ in the Camp by J. William Jones, D.D., page 97}

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